Monday, August 3, 2015

Preserve Eggs With Mineral Oil


 INGREDIENTS: EGGS ­ You want clean eggs, and the fresher the better!

 MINERAL OIL ­ Usually found in the drugstore.


 GLOVES ­ You want to be careful not to get this stuff on    you!


 Warm 1/8 cup oil in the microwave for about 10  seconds.

 (This much will be able to do about 2 dozen eggs.)


 Dry eggs and carton.

 Put your gloves on!


 Rub a little oil in your hands and then grab an egg.


Coat entire egg with oil, doesn't matter how thick or thin.

 Make sure not to leave any exposed areas, cover  completely with the oil!


Place it in the egg carton SMALL END DOWN!


Once a Week or Month flip the entire egg carton GENTLY upside down to help maintain the egg yolk.


Make sure you wash off the mineral oil or bloom before eating them! 

When ready to use your eggs do the egg test to ensure that they are good.

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