How To Calculate Your Needs

Food storage has been practiced for thousands of years.  However, in modern civilizations, many cultures have dropped this practice in favor of instant supply and demand.  The fatal flaw with this approach is that there is only a 3 day supply of food available in the stores at any one time. When disasters strike, this becomes quite evident, with shelves stripped bare by hungry consumers.
The historical need for proper personal preperations has always remained true, perhaps more now then ever.  Any interruption to the supply chain can and does cause severe shortages very quickly. The Hurricane Katrina disaster was magnified by the lack of preparations among the people, who would have suffered much less had they been prepared.  Having personal preparations makes good solid sense. Don't be victimized by events beyond your control. Food storage is wise preparations for tomorrow's uncertainties.

Thrive Planner 
Your custom Food Storage Plan
Planning how much food storage you need for your family is a daunting task.  Shelf Reliance is here to take the stress out of getting your food storage supply and customizing it to fit your family.  Whether you're starting from scratch or already have some existing food storage, we'll help you get everything you need.  Since you eat what you store, we also want to help you maintain your food storage.  You can modify your saved plan at any time.  Keep track of the food that leaves your pantry and and we'll make it easy to replenish.  Try out our easy to use food calculator.

You can use these Guide lines to help you get started.

Food Storage Chart For 1 Adult and 1 Child's Food Storage needs for 1 year. To meet the needs of your family count the adults and times it, Same with the child's chart. 

1 Adult & Child 7+          1 Child 0-7

Wheat       200 lbs                     75 lbs
Flour          50 lbs                      12 lbs
Corn meal  25 lbs                      12 lbs
Rice           50 lbs                      25 lbs
Pasta          25 lbs                      12 lbs

Fats & Oils

Shorting             4 lbs                      2 lbs
Vegetable Oil    2 gallons                1 gallon
Mayonaise         2 quarts                  1quart
Salad Dressing   2 quarts                  1quart 
Peanut Butter     4 lbs                       2 lbs


Dry Beans            30 lbs                    15 lbs
Lima Beans           10 lbs                    1 lbs
Soy Beans             10 lbs                    5 lbs
Split Peas               5 lbs                     1 lbs
Lentils                   10 lbs                    1 lbs
Dry Soup               10 lbs                    1 lbs


Vegetables              45 lbs                     25 lbs


Fruit                         45 lbs                    25 lbs


Honey                      5 lbs                      1 lbs
Sugar                        40 lbs                    20 lbs
Brown Sugar            3 lbs                       1 lbs 
Molasses                   1 lbs                       l lbs
Corn Syrup               3 lbs                       1 lbs 
Jams                          5 lbs                       1 lbs
Fruit Drinks               6 lbs                       3 lbs
Flavored Geletan        2 lbs                      1lbs


Dry Milk                     60 lbs                  30 lbs
Evaporated                  12 cans                6 cans
Other                            13 lbs                  6 lbs

Cooking Essentials

Baking Powder               1 lbs                 1lbs
Baking Soda                    1lbs                  1lbs
Yeast                                .5 lbs                .5 lbs
Salt                                   5 lbs                 3 lbs
Vinigar                             .5 gallon           .5 gallon


Water                             365 gallons      365 gallons
Bleach                               1 gallon           1 gallon

This is just the basic you will want to add more to your food storage such as meat, spices etc. It is also wise to learn how to cook meals with the basic you have before you need to.

If you have anything you would like to add or share please leave a comment below.


  1. Nice list.Is the weight for fruits and Vegetables
    based on freeze dried or dehydrated products?

  2. vinegar is spelled v-i-n-E-g-a-r

  3. There is no apostrophe in the plural of "sugar". What if you don't have a 7 year old child? What if you don't even like children, and it's only adults?

  4. Replies
    1. When the SHTF, the cats will be turned loose to feed themselves. The dogs will be fed from the emergency dog food supplies. When that is depleted we will share our food with them. When our food is depleted, we will eat the dogs.

  5. Did you mean shortENing? Like Crisco?

  6. Really folks, spelling corrections?? Use the list or not, like or dislike it but at least try to be nice. This is the part of the ???? that will turn ugly. Those who pick on things that really don't matter when you consider the big picture. Pick your battles and I hope they are, for everyone's sake, the ones worth fighting for.


  7. Thank you for all your wisdom:I really like the break down of the lists for all family members just what i needed to see:please dont stop giving your info!m concerned ive maxed out my credit cards to to get started on little stashes right now we are barely making mortgage and bills husbands complaning about spending I dont know how I can do anymore??

    1. Sorry to hear that. What I do is when I shop I buy just a little more than I need, even if its just an extra can or two, and after just one year your pantry will be full. Look up dry canning for your dry ingredients. It will preserve it for 20 years or more and its simple to do. God bless you

  8. Why do people spend their time reading blogs only to pick on spelling errors?

    Anyway, excellent list. Its been tricky working out a 3 month supply , let alone a year. Then there are the luxury items that the kids just cant do without.

    I would love to see someone put together a list of a years supply of medical/first aid materials. Do you know of one?

  9. Very well said Malcolm, I love this blog and visit often for information not to have a spelling bee.