Saturday, July 18, 2015

War Times Recipes, From The Royal Baking Co., New York, 1918

47+ recipes can be Found HERE and printed 

This is the list of recipes found in the booklet.

Table of Contents:
Page 1 - Corn Bread; Spider Corn Bread; Wafer Corn Bread; and Corn Bread with Rye, Barley or Oat Flour. 
Page 2 - Barley Bread; Oatmeal Bread; Rice or Potato Bread; and Nut or Raisin Bread.
Page 3 - Prune Bread; Rye Rolls; Peanut Butter Bread; and Boston Brown Bread.
Page 4 - Corn Meal Biscuits; Oatmeal Biscuits; Potato Biscuits; and Barley or Oat Flour Biscuits.
Page 5 - Peanut Biscuits; Buckwheat Muffins; Sweet Potato Muffins; and Hominy Muffins.
Page 6 - Corn Meal Muffins; Rice Muffins; Barley or Oat Muffins; and Rye Muffins.
Page 7 - Blueberry Muffins; Rice Griddle Cakes; Corn Meal Griddle Cakes; and Buckwheat Cakes.
Page 8 - Buckwheat Coffee Cake; Potato Doughnuts; Egg-lessMilk-lessButter less Cake (Fruit Cake); and Chocolate Cake.
Page 9 - Prune Cake; Spice Loaf Cake; Royal Sponge Cake; and Raisin Cakes.
Page 10 - Molasses Cakes; Royal Cocoa Drop Cakes; Oatmeal Cookies; and Peanut Cookies.
Page 11 - Oatmeal Macaroons; Hermits; and Old Fashioned Strawberry Short Cakes.
Page 12 - Baked Apple Dumplings; Egg-less Plum Pudding; Pastry; and Cheese Pudding.

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