Friday, December 21, 2012

Lesson Learned

A Big Shout Out To My Friends At
 Ace Hardware in Park Fair Mall Here in Des Moines Iowa

Let me start by telling you last night was no fun at all. Wednesday night and well in to Thursday we had one big snow storm dropping 11.8 inches of snow, if that was not bad enough 52 thousand people lost there electricity sending the temperature in my house down to 54 degrees and I was not prepared some folks here in Iowa will not have power until Sunday. I have about 10 to 15 oil lamps as that is one of the things I enjoy collecting and not a one had oil or wicks in them as I had removed them 3 years ago when we move to Iowa. Now for the big one I had no back up heat and the temperatures were going to go down in the single digits, I can't tell you how grateful that I have heat once again. So today I got my ducks in a row with the folks at Highland Park Ace Hardware store where I was able to buy a portable propane heater and the wicks and oil I need for my lamps it truly was a lesson learned.    


  1. Just finished listen to your episode on TSP and then read this post! Jennifer, this will never happen to you again will it? Jack will be getting you prepared!!!

    Love your site and idea! Could you do a list of the basic foods to order in the #10 cans to get us started on your recipes? You are awesome! Can't wait for your book!

  2. I bet you'll be prepared next time! The lessons we learn from experience. Love your meals in jars. It's like hamburger helper meals, only better. I ordered some food and referenced you. Hope you get credit.