Thursday, June 23, 2011

Six Reasons Why I Started My Familys Food Storage

  1. Food Inflation
  2. Natural Disasters
  3. Food Shortages
  4. Loss of Income
  5. Peace of Mind
  6. Ease and Simplicity of Storing
    Food with Shelf Reliance

We all have our own reasons for wanting to have that safety net. When I started I had know idea where to start. I was trying to learn how to can,dehydrated vacuum seal and trying to figure out how to make complete meals. You name it I wanted to learn it, the biggest problem I had was what do I need? How much do I need? And how am I going to fit this in to our budget?
That is when I came across Shelf Reliance it took all of the guess work out of food storage for me.
I quickly signed up and now I am sharing my food storage journey with you.

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  1. Hi Jennifer!

    Great topic and Info. Best to you! I will be watching you GROW:)