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  1. How long will your "meals in a jar" recipes last for with the oxygen absorbers in them?

  2. You are my new favorite site! I love your meals. I have been looking for a way to have things in my home ready to go that don't take 6 hours to prepare every day BUT are also easily transportable for weekend getaways, etc. My grandmother had a storage room in her basement that was filled with canned goods she either grew, traded, bartered or meats she purchased and preserved. She had 2 freezers filled to the gills with things to eat and I couldn't ever understand why she needed 50 pounds of sugar. After I saw what she did and how she didn't need to leave her house for 3 months at a time, I was sold. She had a dehydrator but I don't know that she used it often. Had she known about these recipes, I bet she would have had her back kitchen filled with these foods. Thank you!!!!

  3. The meals in jars with the oxygen absorbers in them will last 7- 10 years.

  4. wonder if this would work in food sealer bags for easy to carry use?

    1. I would use mylar bags with oxygen absorbers as that kind of bag keeps out the light.

  5. If you don't have the absorbers, how long would they last? Maybe like a year?

  6. Loved all of your recipes on here. Have been looking for some as I would like to do some for gifts this year for CHRISTmas. I also would like to adjust some for just one person as I am all alone now that my husband is in the nursing home. Maybe use pint jars instead of quarts?

  7. I'd love to start doing meals in a jar. Love your page...very inspiring. Look forward to getting started.